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Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions

The group has been a Veriphone International Partner (VIP) for a number of years and have sold over thousands of EFT/POS terminals in the country to help their partner banks expand their debit and credit business. One of the biggest partners is SM with Banco de Oro and Shoemart. Further expansion has been made to non-traditional applications such as loyalty, cash cards, food cards, and other stored value applications. Aside from the hardware sale and maintenance, the group also has in-house programmers that can customize the terminal to the desired use.

Loyalty Solution

  • In the highly competitive retail world, keeping customers loyal is of utmost importance.   Loyalty programs have become the way of life and without it consumers easily shift to an establishment that offers rewards for the business.   It is because of this that the Channel Group has developed a loyalty application that can be used by any corporation that wants to improve their relationship with their customers.
  • One of the main benefits of the system is that it is flexible.  Your establishment can run various customized schemes. You can now have highly customized promotions.   It can be done via location wherein one store may have different mechanics from another one.   Want to give special rewards to women on Mother’s day, no problem!   The system can run a promotion depending on the demographics.   It can even run a promotion depending on the date and time. More importantly, the system will allow you to gain valuable data on your customer’s spending habits.   This wealth of information will in turn allow you to create rewards that are relevant to your customer.
  • Features:
    • System management
    • Merchant management
    • Membership management
    • Scheme management
    • Points management
    • Points Awarding
    • Redemption
    • Void Transactions
    • Balance Inquiry
    • Settlement
    • Batch Upload
    • Void Reversal
    • Reprint
    • Reports