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Banking Solutions

Banking Solutions

With over 20 years experience the group can provide parts for nearly all types of ATMs such as NCR, Diebold, and Wincor.  Furthermore, it also manufactures some of the other parts locally such as the rollers and belts that perform better in tropical climates.  With a worldwide network of suppliers we can provide any kind of equipment from 3DES EPP pin pads to currency cassettes.

The Chanel Group has developed a number of software products that have allowed the partner banks to expand their services to ATM and EFT/POS terminal deployment and even mobile payment solutions using cellular phones. Click on the specific product lines to learn more about them.

  • Millennium Hub Suite of Products:
    • The Millennium Hub (mHUB) is a debit and credit switch for all your transaction processing needs. It can manage your ATM, POS and mobile network or any size. In the Philippines, it is compliant with the national switches, namely Bancnet and Megalink.
    • The primary purpose of the system is to perform transaction authorization and routing decisions, sending on-us transaction to a primary authorizer, switching foreign transactions to networks, standing in when the primary core system authorizer is unavailable and performing transaction processing decisions using predetermined financial institution settings
    • The MHUB is modularly designed to grow with your business requirements. Its modules are the following:
      • mATM
      • mPOS
      • mGateway (for mobile transactions)
      • mNetwork Services – this module allows for the ability to white label ATMs for another institutions inclusive of all the settlement and reportorial requirements.
    • Key Features:
      • Transaction switching and routing
      • ATM terminal driving and management
      • SMS transaction processing
      • POS acquiring
      • Interface to an HSM for cryptographic functions
      • On-line core system interface
      • Card management
      • Stand-in authorization when core system is unavailable
      • Interfaces to regional, national and international EFT networks
      • Automated alert notification service
      • ATM/EFT connection monitoring
      • Transaction reports generation
      • Merchant settlement file/report generation
  • Merchant Management System is an application developed specifically for institutions deploying and managing a large fleet of EFT/POS terminals. It acts as an inventory management facility so that all the terminals can be accounted for accordingly. Customized reports can be created to help maximize the usage of the terminals. Through this system, non-performing terminals can be identified and can be relocated to areas that will provide great profitability. Relationships with merchants can improve due to the fact that all their contact information and history is stored in the system.
    • Key Features:
      • Complete merchant information
      • Terminal activation & de-activation
      • Merchant discount rate management
      • Reports generation
      • Settlement facility
      • Data extraction
      • Highly secure system
  • Millennium Cash Card System
    • The Millennium Cash Card System (MCCS) is a complete card management solution that allows your institution to issue debit, pre-paid and gift cards. Included in the solution is the transaction authorization and settlement function. It supports transactions initiated from various customer touch points such as the POS Terminals, Self Serve Kiosks, mobile devices and the Web. MCCS is designed to utilize multi-threading technology to optimize throughput and accommodate high loads of simultaneous and concurrent transactions. It can easily be customized to handle unique business rules. Also included is a reporting engine that allows for the creation of Statement of Account Generation, Account Aging, Business Intelligence Analysis and user specific reports.
    • Key Features
      • Graphical user interface
      • Supports a wide range of card types
      • Secured file transfer
      • Data encryption
      • Strict data validation
      • Client information management
      • Card account management
      • Teller transaction
      • Card personalization
      • Comprehensive reports generation
      • Data extraction
      • Robust security and user authentication